Mo-ja Sweet Treats

Our Fresh-Basked Cakes and Pies

Apple Pie
Cheese Cake
Black Forrest Cake
Egyptian Cake
Date Cake
Fudge Cake
Royal Cake
Dried Fruit Cake
Caramel Pie
Meringue and Lime Pie Mascarpone Cream Pie
Vegan Oatmeal Cookies
Vegan Bars

Orders should be submitted by calling us at +48 691 904 901 or by e-mail to:

Mo-ja Sweet Treats

All of our cakes, pies and pastries are hand-made fresh with the finest ingredients. They are perfect for birthdays, meetings and special occasions.

Our most popular choices are applie pie, meringue with lime pie, mascarpone pie and caramel cake. Do you have a favorite recipe? Send it over, and we can make it for you. We also offer vegan oeatmeal cookies as well as chocolate bars made from dried organic fruits and nuts.